You have reached the NIN clan website. You may praise us.

:o 2015-07-02 2:54:52 AM
Hey! 2013-09-07 1:24:41 PM
It's Tips not tips ;)
Recent work 2012-03-20 6:48:05 PM
Currently we are working on the web site again and the forums are now cleaned up of spam!
Jiminy Jew 2011-01-31 10:03:37 PM

New Domain, Website, Forums & More!


You can now reach us at!


Looks the same to you? What do you know. Mainly, features have been added for the N you'll never see em. But trust us...they're there!


Go ahead. Check out our shiny new forums. I dare you. Still workin on the art/css, but it's 90% there.


I really don't know why I put that. The rest is for the Ns. Kinda a tease I guess... =)

See you in game!