5 Beginner tips for CTF

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5 Beginner tips for CTF

Postby MechYoda » Tue Jun 12, 2012 7:41 am

1 - Choose your team wisely. When selecting your team, don't just randomly pick a color. Instead, make sure you join the team that has the most players; or if they are even, join the team with the highest score.
2- Stay focused. Remember, the point of a CTF game is to rack up the highest individual score possible. That means getting the most frags, especially defensive ones. Hang out in your base by your own flag as much as possible. When you get into a skirmish in the middle, or even towards the enemy side of the map, if after damaging the other player for 95 points he passes you and heads towards your flag go after him. He's an easy kill now; don't let one of your teammates steal him from you! Besides what else are you going to do, try and capture the flag and win the game? Chase him back from his base to yours if you have to; just get that all important individual score up!
3 - Be glorious! Occasionally you need a short break from running up your individual score. That's a good time to go for the glory of actually capturing a flag. However, one trap noobs fall into is forgetting that there's no glory in helping one of your teammates capture a flag. If you see your teammate grab the flag and start heading back to base with it, don't accompany him and try to help frag enemies or interfere with their attempts to shoot him. Also, remember that if he drops the flag and you pick it up and finish bringing it home that's only shared glory. You want the glory all to yourself! Just hang out by the enemy flag spawn point while you teammate heads off alone to try and return it. With any luck he'll get fragged and the enemy will return the flag right into your waiting hands!
4 - Nobody likes a tryhard. It's a good idea to prove you're not a tryhard to your fellow gamers. Instead of logging out or joining the spectators next time you need to walk away from the keyboard for a while or engage a spectator in a long conversation, just keep taking up space on your team's roster. It will prove you're not too serious about the match and nobody will confuse you for a tryhard.
5 - Be a leader and push your teammates to succeed! You've probably noticed that your teammates move faster when you push then than when they just run/strafe around the map. Whenever you see them, push your teammates. This will help them do everything faster and should lead to more wins.

Hope this helps and happy fragging. :)
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Re: 5 Beginner tips for CTF

Postby bogon12 » Sun Jun 17, 2012 9:02 pm

hah, mechyoda, you forgot the sarcasm tags!
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Re: 5 Beginner tips for CTF

Postby Jewjitsu » Mon Jan 07, 2013 9:16 pm

HAHAHAHAHAHA Brilliant!! Too bad this article isn't in spanish. JK please god NOOO
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