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Postby bogon12 » Wed Apr 11, 2012 3:39 am

Well, I am hoping I'll get a deathmatch tip guide written by a guest, but meanwhile here is a discussion from the IRC channel about what to include in a deathmatch tip guide...

<@dots> i'm not the one to ask about dm
<@dots> brain, batman, omi, con,safos,sweep,jitsu,guru
<@dots> would be better to ask
<@dots> i don't play dm seriously 95%of the time
<@b12> They have already ignored me
<@b12> Well no prob
<@b12> Im sure if i write a bunch of wrong stuff
<@b12> Peeps will correct it
<@dots> i couldn't write anything detailed
<@dots> when i play serious what i do is
<@dots> always take the nearest weapon, health,amor etc
<@dots> always move fast, (don't have to though)
<@dots> i'll taunt my enemy with the health if i'm near it and there trying to frag me
<@dots> lol
<@dots> weapons need to be binded to keys. instead of scroll wheel
<@dots> for easy access
<@dots> always move pretty much
<@dots> standing still makes you an easy target
<@dots> and the basics of knowing which weapon to use in a situation with the weapons you have
<@dots> all i can think of
<@evildrbrain> have a plan of moving through the map
<@evildrbrain> and watch what the other person is doing
<@evildrbrain> and base your strategy for that particular map on whatever your competition is doing
<@evildrbrain> so for example
<@b12> Like, dont frag a spawner, frag the guy attacking the spawner
<@b12> The spawner has 120 health, the guy attacking the spawner probably has been worn down...
<@b12> In general, 'stealing' frags is a great way to score - someone else does the hard work
<@b12> And you show up at the last second and fire the final slug and get the point
<@b12> And even better, they guy you stole from is now weak and an easy frag! :^D
<@evildrbrain> if the player trying to win is using mostly LG
<@evildrbrain> then pick up rails or rockets that you can strike with from a distance
<@evildrbrain> and concentrate on armor
<@evildrbrain> and spawnfragging isn't necessarily a no no
<@evildrbrain> just spawncamping
<@evildrbrain> which IS a no no
<+SooKee> Awwwww
<+SooKee> there goes my only hope for a positive figure score
<@b12> Lol
<@evildrbrain> although i suppose its okay if its what your competition is doing :S
<@evildrbrain> depending on whether your goal is to win, or emerge the better player
<@evildrbrain> i reckon
<@evildrbrain> of course, DM is really all spawncamping when you think about it. some people just kill people sooner after they spawn than others do
* evildrbrain has a feeling that last sentence made no sense
<@dots> dm rule #1
<@dots> you can only chat frag with a gaunt
<@The_Guru> once you know what's coming up toward the door or where the opponents are in the map you can make all your shots seem like random bits of luck
<@evildrbrain> well to be perfectly honest, when you fire a rocket at a doorway in DM (especially when it's crowded) you stand a good chance of hitting someone
<@evildrbrain> its called rocket (or nade or plasma or rail) spam
<@b12> The simplest advice I've ever heard for dm is
<@b12> Hold down fire and forward
<@b12> And then aim
<@b12> Lol
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