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Well, one thing you'll really want to tweak on is your config. Your config is a file that has all the various settings for OA, including some that are not in the main menu but that are a real advantage. In this video, pause it at 8 seconds, and you will see a lizard has just jumped onto the flag stand...

I could see that out of the corner of 'my eye' because my FOV (field of view) is set to 120 degrees instead of 90 degrees. Because I saw the enemy on my flag stand, i didn't not return my flag until AFTER I had collected his flag - various stategic reasons for this, but thats for a different post - but it was VERY IMPORTANT to know the lizard was there in order to make the right decision there, and so you too will benefit from having a higher FOV.

BUT!!! there is no menu setting for FOV, you have to change it by editing your config!

Your config is located in your home page, which is here...

Linux and the like: ~/.openarena/

Mac: ~/Library/Application Support/OpenArena/

Windows: %APPDATA%\OpenArena\ (just use "Run" and copy it in) (under Windows XP it brings to C:\Documents and settings\username\Application data\OpenArena\ and under Windows Vista or Windows 7, to C:\Users\username\Appdata\Roaming\OpenArena).

Here are some good links on how to edit your config...

A really good overview of what kind of things you might change in a config...
Some sample configs that people use...
My advice is just download one of these and then tweak on it a bit to get the weapon binds and chat binds you like... (maybe start with odigo's...)
Graphics related config stuff...
Some miscellaneous stuff...

Some cvars you'll really want to do something with...
cg_fov (field of view) - increase it from 90 to 120
sensitivity - adjust it to something that you like, probably a higher sensitivity than the default
r_intensity - adjust it so you can see well
r_gamma - adjust it so you can see well
bind your weapons to something besides 1 to 9 - cluster them around your movement keys.
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