5 beginner tips for playing deathmatch

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5 beginner tips for playing deathmatch

Postby MechYoda » Wed May 09, 2012 8:15 pm

Tip 1 - Engage in combat almost as often as possible. Not only will this help you get experience faster and improve your skill in the long run, but the more combat you're in the more frags you'll get.

Tip 2 - Don't be afraid to get fragged. He who gets fragged the least doesn't win anything. Think of it like a trade. You're trading a point to the person who fragged you and your current guns, ammo, and powerup set for teleporting to the spawn point with full mg ammo and 125 health. Depending on what you're carrying and who is getting the point for fragging you, sometimes you actually benefit from being fragged materially. Also involved is the amount of extra shots you get to fire in a combat situation by sticking around which could get more points for you, versus the time you otherwise spend trying not to be fragged and running to rebuild your health and find some ammo. Ultimately, getting fragged is something you should generally try to avoid, but getting more of your own frags is more important and should be a higher focus in your play.

Tip 3 - Prioritize your targets. Whenever you have a choice of targets to shoot it's best not to just pick one randomly or focus on the first one you see. If someone has nearly accumulated enough points to win, he should be a higher priority target if you encounter him fighting another player. By firing at the other player, you might just weaken him enough to give the winning player the frag. It could be the final point needed to win the game! Additionally, the amount of life and armor each target has should be considered. You'll get more frags firing your machine gun at someone you've just seen take a lot of damage than firing it at someone who just picked up mega-health and red armor.

Tip 4 - Avoid sniper zones. When you see a player camping with a rail gun, (or other guns in some cases), there is an area he can effectively cover. Think of this area as his "sniper zone" and try to stay out of it unless you're ready to try and frag the camper. If you're in that area already in a combat situation, try to move yourself quickly out of the area while keeping your attention primarily on the close combat. Sometimes, if you're low on health and outgunned in the close combat, it can be a good idea to also keep the opponent in the sniper zone by guarding the exit, since in such a case the sniper taking that guy out can benefit you. Otherwise, try and get the opponent to follow you out of the area where you have a better chance of getting the frag yourself.

Tip 5 - Notice the changes from game to game. Not all matches should be played the same way. When there's more players, getting into combat quickly gains in importance, with less players collecting armor becomes a higher priority. Pay attention to what's actually going on in the game overall and not just the immediate surroundings of your character so that you can learn to recognize what strategies to adapt for what situations. Note whether the map is wide open or cramped with crowded hallways. Watch what strategies work in which kinds of matches and adjust your gameplay accordingly.

Hope these tips help and happy fragging.
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