5 Moderate tips for Death Matches

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5 Moderate tips for Death Matches

Postby MechYoda » Sun May 13, 2012 5:26 pm

I'm back again with more DM tips, this time for players who are past the beginner stage.

1 - Shoot faster, shoot more. It should be obvious that the faster you fire the more shots you'll get off, but it's also true that the faster you fire the faster you become accustomed to aiming. A lot of players plateau as a result of finding a speed of firing which they become comfortable with. Only by deliberately doing things faster will you become used to playing at a higher speed. Doing so may even lower your ingame results for a while, but will pay nice dividends once you get used to it.

2 - Don't fire just because the reload time is up. This might sound almost contradictary to tip 1 above, but it usually applies after the player has already become comfortable with firing more quickly and falls into the habit of firing every time the weapon is capable of it; even when he knows he hasn't properly aimed yet. I find myself doing this when I'm sleepwalking through a match. Firing faster IS a great habit to have, but you also should be ready to slow down just a little bit if needed to line up the shot.

3 - Avoid prolonged battles. In 1 vs 1, you can take all the time you need to frag your opponent. With 2 other players you risk getting snuck up on from behind or having your frag stolen. Any more than that and while you're having your epic battle with player X, player Y is out there running up his frag count. There's 2 causes of prolonged battles. The first is not bothering to get a fast weapon and relying too much on your machine gun for kills. The second is a little more complicated and is the result of being overly defensive in your movements. That's not to say you shouldn't make use of a defensive playing style if it suits you, that's perfectly valid. But there is such a thing as being TOO defensive in a fast-paced deathmatch game. If you're continually jumping behind walls into areas where you can't be hit and you can't hit you're opponent, you are increasing the duration of the battle. If someone is doing that to you, often it's best to just strafe jump away when they disappear behind the wall again and let them wonder where you went when they pop back out. If they pursue you, great! Turn around when they're no longer near their "sheild" and have a fast battle with them. Win or lose, at least you've saved yourself some time. One other overly defensive way to prolong a battle that should be addressed is to continually dodge in ways that make it ALMOST impossible for you or your opponent to land a shot. It's hard to describe exactly what "dodge in ways that make it almost impossible..." means in words, but it's easy to spot it in games. Basically if you keep moving as fast as you can around your opponent at near point blank range and can only fire wild shots at him because you have only a 1/100,000th of a second window in which he's in your crosshairs for each potential shot, you're dodging too defensively and wasting time. If someone is doing this to you I suggest switching to guantlet. You'll have a better chance of damaging them if they keep it up, or if they, (more likely), jump back, you can switch back to your other weapon again and have a quicker battle.

4 - Out of sight, still in mind. Always try to mentally map out where all your opponents are in a game, or at least as many of them as you can. Remember where people were when you got fragged after you respawn. Pay attention to the sounds you hear to tell you where people are. Notice when a player runs away which way he went. Remember, just because he sucessfully got temporarily away from you doesn't mean the battle is over. He's likely going for whatever weapons and health are over there and coming back to the battle. Consider that if he does return to the battle with you, it will probably be through the entryway nearest the stuff he just picked up. Finish off the guy who kept you from chashing him and then plan your ambush accordingly.

5 - Dodge as if you're being shot at from behind, even when you think you're not. This tactic is a lower priority tactic and shouldn't be used when it will prolong your battles or cause you to lose a race to a powerup. But when considering your dodge options during a battle when possible pick ones that are good dodge tactics against anyone who might be firing from behind you as well. Also, when you're not engaged and just moving around the map, throw in some extra dodge moves just in case.

Once again, hope this helps and happy fragging. :)
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Re: 5 Moderate tips for Death Matches

Postby bogon12 » Mon May 14, 2012 1:44 am

Good tips mechyoda, i especially like the 'shoot faster' tip. I started in ctf and was decent at it and when i went to dm i was horrible. I think a lot of it was because i just wasnt up to the pace. I played a TON of single player nightmare bots and that helped my dm a lot because, i think, i just picked up the pace of my dm game.
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